Past Project

Emoji Chess Keyboard

Emoji Chess Keyboard

Play chess from any messaging app! Keyboard extension for iOS.

In late 2015, I noticed a set of tweets circulating of people playing chess using Emojis in iMessage.

After trying it out for myself, I beceame immediately exhausted by the process of removing and inserting emojis manually with the Emoji keyboard, and decided it would be less effort to make a tool to do the hard stuff for me. With iOS custom keyboards emerging around that time, I took a weekend off from ALEC to throw together Emoji Chess Keyboard.

Unsure of whether Apple would approve of the concept, I hastily submitted a working prototype, which actually ended up getting approved.

Shortly after, I submitted a second version which then cleaned up some of the rough edges and added polish. Unfortunately, Apple decided they no longer liked the concept, and rejected every re-submission and appeal request I made. I’ve accepted that 1.1 will never see the light of day.

Emoji Chess Keyboard - Drag pieces around from your keyboard

Emoji Chess Keyboard - Simple hit 'Send' to take your turn


More Info:

Emoji Chess Keyboard on the App Store

More work

"CHAOTIC ERA", an RTS game set inside a procedurally generated universe sandbox. One year in.

Exactly a year ago, I chose to once again try my hand at making a game, and over the course of the year, I’ve tweeted biweekly progress updates in gif format. Here are some of the highlights.

TV Plan - an AR app to help make TV purchase decisions

TV Plan - an AR app to help make TV purchase decisions

ARKit on iOS.

Making “Giovanni”, a Game Boy Emulator for the Apple Watch

Making “Giovanni”, a Game Boy Emulator for the Apple Watch

A Game Boy Emulator for the Apple Watch.