03/01/2016 Progress Update

Cleaning Game - Art

In March 2016, I decided to take a look into Apple’s game technologies, SpriteKit and SceneKit, by working on a game with a simple idea: Control a small robot to clean your house.

It was a great exercise in exploring new game mechanics and controls that would be native to mobile touchscreens, rather than porting existing paradigms from other platforms. The first iteration had you control a single robot which could be moved by dragging around on areas of the screen.

Cleaning Game - Gameplay

The character also had a small car that could be driven around, with the intention of using it to carry around heavy objects.

Cleaning Game - Driving

Older Work

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Emoji Chess Keyboard

Emoji Chess Keyboard

Play chess from any messaging app! Keyboard extension for iOS.

Newer Work

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Cleaning Game - Pathfinding

Towards Summer 2016, I began to realize that my Cleaning game was all style and no substance.